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burnaby| 4 things to do for a day


While going through reddit subgroups, it was a shock to discover that people called the City of Burnaby, “Borenaby”. As a local, I love the city because it offers a balance of fun and comfort. It has many hidden gems, great dining options, beautiful views, and interesting activities. So we’d like to show you underrated gems that make Burnaby a great place to spend your day.

1. Bob Prittie Library at Metrotown: Relax with a View
Start your day at the newly renovated Bob Prittie Library in Metrotown. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and take in beautiful park views from the tall windows. It’s a great spot to unwind with a good book and soak in the surroundings. The views depend on the seasons. Cherry blossoms in the spring, the changing of leaves in autumn, a vibrant green garden in the summers or the leafless branches on a winter day. At night, the park is lit with lights all year round.

2. Crystal Mall Food Trip: Feast on International Flavours
Head across the street to Crystal Mall for a food adventure. Explore the diverse culinary options in the food court, offering delicious and affordable dishes from various Asian cuisines. It’s a treat for your taste buds without breaking the bank.

3. Burnaby Village Museum: Travel Back in Time for Free
Take a short bus ride or drive to Burnaby Village Museum, where you can step back in time for free. Wander through a historic village set in the 1920s and immerse yourself in the charm of interactive displays like the barbershop and the blacksmith shop. Don’t miss the $2.52 carousel ride for a touch of nostalgia, and the perfect way to end your visit in high spirits.

4. Kingsway: a Hotpot hotspot
Return to Kingsway to experience the city’s hotpot hotspot. There’s a variety of choices for a warm, delicious and cozy dinner this winter. You can have a pay-per-weight hotpot at Bigway or Grandma Liu’s, all-you-can eat at Happy Lamb, share a huge order at Liuyishou or individual pots at the Dolar Shop, Gokudo Shabu Shabu, Pot Empire and many more. From traditional broths to fresh ingredients, these hotpot spots promise a satisfying meal often with free drinks and dessert.

Burnaby is more than meets the eye. With its hidden gems, from library views to cultural experiences and tasty delights, the city offers a relaxed yet enjoyable day for those willing to explore.