Milk, home, & honey magazine

the art of gentle living


About Milk Home and Honey Magazine

Milk Home and Honey is a Vancouver-based digital magazine celebrating the simple joys of everyday life.

We believe in slowing down, finding happiness in the ordinary, and finding and creating spaces that feel like a sanctuary.

Our Story

Milk, Home, and Honey started because we wanted to focus on what truly matters. In a world that often moves too quickly, we sought to carve out a space that honours the softer, more deliberate moments — where milk symbolizes nurturing, home embodies comfort, and honey represents the sweetness in every experience.

What We’re About

We embrace the art of gentle living, encouraging our readers to savour the richness of life without the need for constant hustle. Through thoughtful articles, stunning visuals, and inspiring stories, we aim to inspire a community that values intentionality, authenticity, and the pursuit of well-being.

What You’ll Find Here

From home décor that exudes warmth to recipes that celebrate the pleasure of having meals whether shared or alone, we explore the elements that make a house a home and a life well-lived. Our features are curated with the intention of bringing comfort, joy, and a touch of luxury to your everyday experiences. We share stories and inspiration for a life that’s as cozy as a cup of milk and as sweet as honey.